product design

a note from natalie annette…

I was inspired to create a line of products based upon my book, The Grand Festive Picnic. A story of friendship and celebration.

My story is my truth, it is my walk in life. It is a journey that has unfolded into my career, and it has purpose. This is unique in itself. My products bring life to my story and have been divinely inspired. They were created around a universal message honoring friendship and celebration. The products are vibrant in color, beautiful in design and functional. They are unique, stylish and versatile.

My story is fascinating. It is marked with God’s unfathomable ways I call miracles, signs and wonders. I speak of His presence in my journey almost daily. It excites me to carry on with His work. I give all of this to God in the Highest. No thing is perfect, and I openly admit there have been times when I felt weary, if He doesn’t reveal himself in the smallest of ways.

As a trained, professional interior designer my greatest style tip is to say “continuity is the key to a gorgeous home”. I design my collections in the same manner. There is continuity with my colors, patterns and products.

My inspiration comes through nature and solitude which allows me to hear God’s voice. He always puts the next step before me, albeit with a color, a vision, a person, an animal, artwork or an experience. My part is to be aware and obedient. It doesn’t get any better. I want to encourage everyone to stay passionate about life, and fear not.

My collection is shared through my vision and my collection brings people to the table. It promotes gathering and celebrating. Gathering with friends to make memories, and celebrating the blessings God has bestowed upon us. My collection brings joy to the table, and makes people happy. When you are happy, you are creating a contagious energy that undeniably feels good. Feeling good promotes health, wealth and happiness. I believe God is good all the time, and all things are possible!