The Jubilee Story

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the jubilee collection story

by natalie annette

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Natalie Annette is a multi faceted brand that has been divinely inspired on every level. This is her story…

Today is a day of revelation for me. God is encouraging me to share the inspiration of The Jubilee Collection as my story, and my children’s book “The Grand Festive Picnic” was the path that led me there.

Fifteen years ago when my daughter was born, I was encouraged to write a children’s book series. When the first book, The Grand Festive Picnic was released, it was put upon my heart to design a line of products geared around the book. My first product was a porcelain tableware collection.

The Jubilee Collection was inspired by the following things that continued to resonate in my spirit…My name, Natalie, means Christmas, and one year during Christmas I was inspired by a Star of Bethlehem to make a contoured diamond. I colored it red and added green dots to represent Christmas time. Then I added the dark blue and light blue dots to represent Hanukah, Judaism and the Old Testament. I added a cross to represent the Resurrection of our Savior, the forgiveness of sin and the steadfast love our Father God gives to us. The gold is to glorify God’s name, and the name Jubilee was in honor of 2018, The Year of Jubilee.

My story continually unfolds with miracles, signs and wonders that confirm God Almighty is at work. His love never fails, and He is alive in me. My passion to live a life of purpose is great, and it excites me when I am doing right by the Lord and being obedient to my calling. It is not always easy, but it is the only way if I want to live my best life!