A Kids Love Life Christmas

In 2011, my first children’s book The Grand Festive Picnic was released. This was an exciting time with an exciting story…book tours, book signings and book readings were really fun! Two years later, I adapted the book to a One Act Play. Then directed twenty fifth graders to place 3rd in the One Act Play UIL Competition of HISD It was a BLAST, and one of the most rewarding times of my life. We loved every ounce of the hard work, the production and each other. My twenty peeps and I spoke about taking our act on the road, traveling the world and continuing their education through home school. Goodness… I will never forget those babes and the joy they brought to my life.

I am pleased to announce, The Grand Festive Picnic is returning to its original form, a traditional picture book. I’ve rounded up more talent with Kevin Burns and Melissa DeLucca to produce the re-release of The Grand Festive Picnic under my art direction. We are excited about this project, and its purpose…celebrating life and friendship. Please stay tuned for release updates.

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