elegance redefined

Natalie Annette was inspired by gatherings with friends and family to share meals and joyful reflections. Natalie Annette created a product line that celebrates life with color, yet has a distinctive and comfortable design.


The Jubilee Collection by Natalie Annette is a vibrant and colorful expression for celebrating life.  It is the perfect touch of artisan elegance for everyday and special occasions.  Set in a vivid palette of six colors to add eclectic style to your table, this fanciful pattern has elegance with a touch of gold.


  • Super White Porcelain
  • Vivid Palette of Six Colors
  • Water Resistant Glaze
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 10″ Dinner Plate
  • 8″ Salad Plate
  • 6″ Bread & Butter Plate
  • 5 oz. Bowl
  • 12 oz. Coffee Mug

meet the designer

Bold.  Unique.  Artistic.  These words describe not only The Jubilee Collection, they could be ascribed to Natalie Annette herself.  She is an interior designer.  She is the co-founder of The Candelari Company.  She is the author of “The Grand Festive Picnic”.  Now, she has turned her artistic eye to designing a luxury tableware line inspired by her book.  It is both playful and elegant, much like the designer herself.  Whatever the endeavor, rest assured Natalie Annette creates with consummate style.


Farm to Table

Farm to Table reminds me of the over-sized garden we had in Colorado when I was thirteen. We moved from the big city to the country, and learning to clear land, till soil, dig rows to plant seed and install a fence was the last skill set I wanted to develop as a teenager.

New York, New York

Stacey, Stacey, Cuqui and Stephanie would invite me to watch “Sex in the City” on Sunday nights with savory popcorn and Caymus Cabernet. I was either at church or in a convertible missing all the action.